Monday, January 24, 2011

A new week

Yesterday was a good day....I ate decently, and for my exercise I finally tried "30 Day Shred" while the girls were napping. I liked it! Compared to Jillian's other video "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" there are many similarities and many differences. The 20 minute video is probably *slightly* more intense (but the BFBM is still pretty fricking hard!). I was breathing a little harder with 3DS. However with BFBM, you are doing it for a longer period of time, so your heart rate is staying elevated for a longer period of time, which is a positive thing. Since it is longer, it also seemed to have a bigger variety of exercises. I think both videos will be very useful to me....the 40 minute one for when I have a little more time, the 20 minute one for when I don't have as much time or just want to do something to get it over with.

I did not weigh myself last night. Normally I do after the girls go to bed, but I have a wicked sore throat, so I went to bed early. I think I was sleeping by 7:45, which is amazing because normally I can't tear myself away from all the chores that need to be, or could be done.

I will weigh myself tonight, and work out depending on how I'm feeling. I hope this sore throat goes away soon, and doesn't evolve into any nasty cold or something. I can't afford to get too sick, between working 55-60 hour work weeks and wanting to keep up on my exercise regimen. So cross your fingers for me!!


  1. You are rocking it!!! Great job Kandi!

  2. awesome! you go girl!
    im glad that you have all the things to use that you have. i mean, all i have is the dvd player, and really, just the bfbm. it is kinda long, i wonder if i would do the other one if its shorter.

    im such an excuse maker at this point. i dont get to use a gym, cant afford it if i could. dont have the wii and the games, and couldnt afford those either. just the dvd player. and then the lack of results makes me quit. at least you have results showing! so you are absolutly doing fantastic! :)

  3. I commented before but forgot to leave my blog! .... i love your blog and I hope that we can motivate each other!