Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Comfort Zone

So I've changed the plan for this year. I was originally thinking Marathon #2. Instead, I've somehow been convinced to try something TOTALLY out of my comfort zone...I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness.  One of my friends is a die-hard Orange fan and she roped me in.

The whole group fitness thing is new to me, with the exception of Zumba. Weights and floor exercises are new to me, aside from the limited stuff I've done at home on occasion. There is also a water rower, which kills me but I love it! I've been twice now and both times were different. I'll love the variety. I love that you can see your stats up on a big screen as you work out. I love the workout summary email afterwards. And I know I'd never push myself like that working out on my own. I think it will be a great motivator.  Especially the "Splat Points" you earn for time spent in the "Orange  Zone".

Because of this new venture/unfamiliar territory, and crazy life, I'm going to forgo the Marathon this year. I'm hoping to find a Half Marathon later in the year, and I think that level
of training plus OTF will be manageable and a motivating enough.

I have lots a few pounds since finally focusing on getting back on track again. And I feel muscles I didn't know I had!  Stay's a never ending story when you're naturally and biologically inclined to gain weight just by looking at food. It's a great eye opener that the weight loss journey is not just the period of time when you initially lose all the weight. It's a lifetime commitment to keep up the good habits, knowing that you're not one of those people who can eat whatever and never gain an ounce. Though even if I could...I wouldn't get stronger without actively working for it...and that is want I want. I want to be strong and fit and feel good.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Maybe, probably.

There have been at least a few times over the last several months where I told myself I would get back on track - but didn't.  

I told myself I would get back on track after Christmas. That didn't happen.
I told myself I would get back on track after the peak of Minnesota cold weather. That didn't happen.
I told myself that I would get back on track prior to vacation.  That didn't happen.

I mean...even a trip to Mexico didn't motivate me to get back on track enough to at least lose a few winter poundages. So to say that I have been an understatement.

However - I think I'm ready now. For real. Maybe. Probably. Here is why....

This past weekend, I was able to get out for a run with a friend.  It was my first actual run in nearly 4 months (yes, 4 months) and it was hard.  Like, really hard.  We did 3 miles (and then a short walk afterwards). That 3 miles included a couple of walk breaks.  My legs are sore like I just ran a half marathon.  I am so out of running shape.  It feels like a lifetime ago that I ran my first full marathon, but it was only 10 months ago!!!  How is that even possible?  Now, I feel like I'm starting from scratch. 

However... Getting back out there this weekend was just what I needed.  I had forgotten how I actually kind of miss that soreness after a good run that challenges your muscles.  I have been missing my running friends. I realized I physically felt so much better the whole weekend, just from getting in that run.  I didn't even bloat as much as I normally would on a weekend after eating weekend-y stuff.  All of that, plus recent conversations with my husband about the possibility of doing Marathon 2 this fall, and I am starting to feel (dare I say it) excited. 

If the Marathon thing is going to happen, I will know very soon.  I am looking at Twin Cities Marathon, and the price increases in 9 days.  I'm all about value so if I sign up, I will do it soon to save that $25. To be continued.....

Monday, April 3, 2017

Life happens...

And when it does, it can be a challenge to get back on track after falling off.

And I'll be happened to me. And I fell off track. Wait, no...more like I fell off, rolled down a hill, and landed traight in a pile of dog crap.  Maaaaybe I'm being dramatic but it's how I feel. I've barely run in months. I've gained more than I usually do over the winter. I'm hoping to lose about 20 lbs. My clothes are tight and I once again hate pictures of myself.

It feels shitty. It's any case, Ive been struggling. But you happened. Now I'm ready to fight my way back to where I was. Last week I was on (a desperately needed) vacation for 9 days. Now, it's time to get down to business.

First is to clean up my eating habits and start getting active again.
Then get back my running mileage...working up to 6 miles just for funsies.
And finally, my sights are set on Marathon #2 this fall.

High expectations? A fall marathon, after an epic fail of a winter? Maybe, but I've proven to myself many times before that I could do what I thought seemed impossible.

I've got this. I've run half marathons. I ran a 5k in 26 minutes. I ran my first marathon under black flag heat warnings. I lost 90 lbs. 

I've got this.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Boundary Waters Bank 1/2 Marathon

The fam-damily and I traveled to Ely, MN at the end of September, where I ran the Boundary Waters Bank 1/2 first experience with a smaller race, with just a few hundred runners in the half and another couple hundred in the full. I finished in roughly 2:16, and considering the crash-training I did for just 3 weeks before race day, I am thrilled with that. Not to mention the course was hilly. So very, very hilly. 

We headed up on Friday so we could get settled in our cabin, which we rented along with 2 other friends and their families. Us moms also had to grab our race packets.  And made a stop at Kohls because I forgot the pack comfy pants. Comfy pants are a MUST!!  We all ended up buying the same pair just for fun... Don't worry, I don't mind that you think I'm a giant dork (photo proof below...I'm on the right). 

  It was an exciting race-eve...this was a first half marathon for both of my friends.  I may or may not have been the instigator for the whole thing.... 😎

Race morning, my very supportive husband dropped us off at the start. This is early morning, in Northern Minnesota in late it was a tad chilly.  One thing I loved about this race was that they encouraged participants to bring a blanket to stay warm prior to the start, and then ditch it....blankets are then gathered and donated to those in need. What a fantastic idea!!

The race began and I did a good job of pacing myself. Soon, that decision was confirmed in my I went over hill after hill after hill. 

The best part of the race came fairly early, after just a few miles. My husbands best friend happens to live on the race course, so my family and my friends families were at the end of the driveway way cheering us on. ❤️

The rest of the race went fine, apart from feeling like the hills would never end (and they really didn't). Like I said, I finished in 2:16 and felt great about it given my crash training and the hills. My friends finished in 2:13 and 2:10 respectively (post-race pic below, me in pink). 

I loved the race and I loved the weekend at the cabin with family and friends and the kids being able to just explore the outdoors. I'd love to do that race again next year and highly recommend it to
Anyone looking for a smaller, scenic and well-organized event. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hawaii Ragnar Hopeful....

So.....Im in the running along with dozens of other awesome MRTT leaders across the country, to go with our fearless leader, Pam, to Hawaii (!!!!) as a part of the Bondi Band Ragnar team.  Which by the way is awesome, since I love Pam and I love Bondi Band anyways! And...running?! In Hawaii?! No brainer. 

Wish me would be an amazing experience. Thanks especially to my hubby for giving the the event I actually win.....

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see me post about this a lot over the next 2 weeks.  Apologies in advance. Kinda. 😜

#mrttbondibuddy #momsrunthistown #mrtt #bondiband #ragnarhawaii

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So I ran a marathon....

Oops. It's September. Slacking much? Sorry for the slight...ok, giant...delay in writing about my marathon experience. Life has really thrown me for a loop. Busy, crazy, stressful, insane. Good words to describe it. But I'm writing now.......and.....

ran a fucking MARATHON. 26.2 MILES.  


I was always overweight and lazy and unmotivated and unhappy and miserable and a host of other things that do NOT equate to "Marathon Runner".

So, I was going to do a whole play by play like many do for their marathons (especially first marathons), but I'll keep it simple. The morning of the marathon I was nervous. So very nervous. And excited. And worried and scared and happy.  It felt like a dream.  

Unfortunately, marathon day in Duluth was uncharacteristically hot. Even standing at the start, I was sweating in the sun.  I knew then that I had to let my hopes of a 4:30 go. And surprisingly, I was totally at peace with that. 

By mile 13, things were rough. People were dropping out, both by choice and not. The warning flags turned black...extreme heat.  I made a conscious decision to really slow down and take it easy, including walk breaks and taking in as much extra fluid as I could. I dumped water on my head. I stopped to take pictures. I really focused on staying safe and enjoying the experience as much as possible. 

I ended up finishing in 5:30(ish).  An hour slower than my training had me on par for. Guess what? I truly didn't care. I had friends who had to pull out of both the marathon and even the half marathon. I saw runners down, people puking, ambulances.  So the fact that I finished in 5:30, feeling exhausted and spent but...good...well, that was fantastic. 

My legs were sore for about 3-4 days. I was moving slow...AKA doing the "marathon shuffle". But then one morning I woke up and it was just magically all better. I was pleasantly surprised, as I was thinking it would take 1-2 weeks. 

And so here I am. I'm a marathoner. 
Will I do it again? Yes. I hope so. For now, I have a half marathon coming up in 3 weeks. More on that in another post. 

Here are some pictures of marathon weekend. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Halfways through!!

I am officially over the halfway point in training. This week I did a 3, 4, 7 and 10 mile run. The 10 mile was a step down from last weekend when I did 13. 

The coming week has me doing 4, 4, 7, and...15. Oh, shit. I'm now getting into those mileages that I've never done before....I hope I can hack it. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. It is this upcoming 15 miler when I'm going to start experimenting with fuels - another new aspect of training for me. 

Overall though, things are going as well as I could have hoped.  Fingers crossed that this continues. No injuries, feeling strong, happy with paces, comfortable with the progression in miles. And I know the hardest weeks are ahead but it feels like it has flown by so far. Bonus-my weight is staying steady, maybe slightly down even. I have been concerned about the weight gain many marathon trainees experience due to bring SO hungry and the trickiness of balancing that to get the calories your body needs and going overboard.  Umm, not that I never go overboard, because DAMN I've been starving (ugh and who knows how I'll feel a month from now...might need to lock myself out of the cupboards). 

I leave you with a little post-run photo from was 80 degrees and sunny. Hot. Incidentally, 2 years ago today we has a snowstorm (thanks Facebook memories).  Gotta love Minnesota!! Anyhow...from my 10 miles, I came away with a face full of salt, a slightly burned back, tired legs and...a nice Fitbit tan.