Sunday, April 17, 2016

Halfways through!!

I am officially over the halfway point in training. This week I did a 3, 4, 7 and 10 mile run. The 10 mile was a step down from last weekend when I did 13. 

The coming week has me doing 4, 4, 7, and...15. Oh, shit. I'm now getting into those mileages that I've never done before....I hope I can hack it. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. It is this upcoming 15 miler when I'm going to start experimenting with fuels - another new aspect of training for me. 

Overall though, things are going as well as I could have hoped.  Fingers crossed that this continues. No injuries, feeling strong, happy with paces, comfortable with the progression in miles. And I know the hardest weeks are ahead but it feels like it has flown by so far. Bonus-my weight is staying steady, maybe slightly down even. I have been concerned about the weight gain many marathon trainees experience due to bring SO hungry and the trickiness of balancing that to get the calories your body needs and going overboard.  Umm, not that I never go overboard, because DAMN I've been starving (ugh and who knows how I'll feel a month from now...might need to lock myself out of the cupboards). 

I leave you with a little post-run photo from was 80 degrees and sunny. Hot. Incidentally, 2 years ago today we has a snowstorm (thanks Facebook memories).  Gotta love Minnesota!! Anyhow...from my 10 miles, I came away with a face full of salt, a slightly burned back, tired legs and...a nice Fitbit tan. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Training and Vacation

This week, I'm on vacation. Vegas, Wednesday night until Sunday morning. Awesome, right?!! Well yes. I love Vegas. I'm not a huge gambler but do enjoy sitting at a slot machine for a short time and getting "free" drinks. I LOVE people watching. Checking out different places to eat, going to shows, sitting by the pool, seeing the sights, that kind of stuff. And...PALM TREES!! I absolutely adore palm trees. The weather in Vegas right now is great...70's...not too hot but plenty warm to feel lucky coming from Minesota in March (though we've had a pretty mild winter and some fantastic days lately, but still). 

With vacation comes a conundrum! I'm missing/behind a couple of runs, so I'll have to adjust next week. I did get 10 miles in on Sunday (which were fantastic by the way, I felt like I was taking it easy, which I wanted....but yet my pace was still really great. It was just one of those runs where everything comes together). 

Add in the food and drinks of Vegas and...well, let's just say my first run back, an 8-miler I'm going to try and tabckle Monday...should be interesting.  I'll survive but it may take a few days to get back in the groove...and to filter out all the junk in my body!! The good thing is, I'm early on in training so I'm not too worried. As long as i pick right back up, and stay on track, I'll be fine.

I'll leave you with a couple of Vegas pics! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 4

I just finished up my last run for week 4 and it was fan.tas.tic.  I was able to squeeze it in OUTSIDE! Almost all of my other runs this far have been in the sports dome or on the treadmill, so this felt pretty damn good. I felt like Meb! really...but I did feel strong and happy. 
Runs like that are what keep runners running despite the occasional struggles. :-)

So anyhow. Week 4 completed, with 6 miles Sunday, cross training Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday and 3 today. 

Tomorrow is a rest day. 

AKA wine day. 

Marathon Training: Weeks 2 & 3

That's a wrap on week 3 of training...unsurprisingly, I'm still alive given that these are the (comparatively) easy days. 

Week 2 brought an 8 mile long run, a day of cross training, and a 3, 3, 3. 

Week 3 started with another 8 mile long run, followed by cross training, 3, 4, 3. 

It's great-I haven't missed a day yet.  The one downfall is that my runs have all been on the track in the local sports dome, or on the treadmill. I'm ready to get outside more, and luckily it appears the weather may be changing to help support that desire.  Add upcoming daylight savings time and I'll be ready to rock the outdoors...

My legs are feeling strong and I feel healthy. Fingers crossed that the trend continues....

One last can I barely be getting started but already getting hungrier? Perhaps it's just my mind playing tricks on me, looking for excuses to stuff my face.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 1 I go.  I've officially begun my training plan and by the end, I'll hopefully be able to run 26.2 miles without keelung over.

I'm halfway through week 1, and I've gotten a 7 miler, cross training day, and 3 miler in.  Two more 3 milers are all that is left.  

I will keep updating on my progress.  I'm happy to be starting off strong, to hopefully set the baseline for a strong few months coming up.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Another year upon did that happen?  It blows my mind to think that my journey began 5 years ago now.  To think that, at the time, I felt as though I would never get there.  Losing so much weight felt like an impossibility.  Luckily, something deep down in me decided to give it a shot anyhow.  18 months later I hit a 90 lb weight loss, and I've maintained it ever since (with the exception of 5-10 winter/holiday pounds each year...I know I'm not alone in that!!). 

This year will be a big one for for, and hopefully completing my first full marathon. 26.2 miles that for 30 years of my life, I never imagined doing or even wanting to do. 26.2 miles that, for the last 3 years, I've been dying to do but holding off on while I was in grad school.  Now, I'm just a little more than a month from my official start of training.  Yep...I'm a little scared.  But I'm ready to prove myself to...myself.

Other goals for 2016, aside from training successfully and crossing the finish line of the marathon:

Get back into shape the next couple months leading into training...including getting stronger and shedding a few holiday  pounds.

Sub-25 minute 5k in August

Drink more water

Be more active as a family, with my husband and kids all together.  Bike rides, walks, jogs, tennis, swimming, running in the back yard. long as it gets us moving, together. 

And finally....Update blog more frequently...HA!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A grand tradition

In 2011, I made a decision to lose weight.  To change.  To get healthy. I changed my lifestyle, my mindset and I changed my future!  As a part of that change, I took up running.  My first 5k was done in June 2011, the 5k that is a part of Grandma's Marathon weekend in Duluth, MN.  I finished in 38:48. I was spent.  Miserable and sore. And... I was hooked.  But even still, when someone teased that the following year I should do the half marathon, I cracked up.  Like...seriously? HA!!! Never going to happen, I said.

Fast forward to June 2012... And I did my first Half Marathon.  Again it was Grandma's in Duluth.  I've done 6 more since then, including Grandma's half repeats in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  I had marathon dreams, but juggling work, kids and both me and hubby in grad school meant a Marathon was just not feasible. 

But I'm done with grad school now.  And it's time to do what I've been wanting to do for so long.  Grandmas Marathon, 2016!