Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pita chips are my own personal PITA

I am happy to work somewhere with a decent cafeteria and food selection, and for good prices. Yesterday I was excited to buy a bag of really yummy baby carrots. I don't know why the one's there are so good, but they are.

However, there is a problem, and that is the Pita chips & spinach dip. Luckily they aren't around too often...usually once every few weeks or less. But when they are...oh helloooo temptation. I fricking love those things! After I discovered the joys of Pita chips, I would inevitably get them any time they happened to be out, and that would be my snack on break at 9:30.

Now that I am on this weight loss mission, the pita chips are a no-no. I don't know what the calories are in them, but I am sure it isn't good. And what do you know....after months and months of only being put out one day out of every 25...suddenly this week, now that I am really serious about getting healthier....they were out 3 days in a row! WTF?! 3 days in a row!? Since when do they have pita chips 3 days in a row? Apparently the cafeteria gods have conspired against me and take pleasure in watching me squirm any time I walk by the dreaded "pita shelf". Ok, so the shelf routinely has way more than just pita chips on it (anything from salads to carrots to yogurt parfaits to desserts to hard-boiled eggs and more)...but to me, it will probably always be the pita shelf. I used to REALLY look forward to that one random day when they would finally be there after a 3 or 4 week disappearing act.

No more! You will be glad to know that I resisted temptation all 3 days this week!! Like I said, instead I bought carrots yesterday. So, I done good. Baby steps....right?

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