Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No...that's not 5 lbs lost since yesterday. Ha! I wish! Actually since yesterday, my number stayed exactly the same right down to the BMI. I weigh myself on the Wii Fit and I love how it shows me my exact weight, my exact BMI, and I can view a chart that shows my progress since the beginning.

Confession. I'm inspired by a friend who recently posted her own stats on her weight loss blog, and think it's about time I start posting stats. Not going to post weight yet... that will come very, very soon. There is a certain turning point I want to hit, and then I will post where I started. For now I will go with BMI. My BMI when I started was 36.73 (or something close). My BMI as of right now is 33.98. So 16 pounds has brought a BMI drop of almost 3!

So what does the FIVE mean in my title today? My husband wants to run a 5K in April and asked if I want to do it with him. After contemplating it awhile, I decided sure why not. As long as we can get a babysitter, that is. It's not that far really...but a great start possibly on the path to do a 10 K someday...a half marathon...and way down the line, who knows, maybe a full marathon. I'm shrinking, feeling better, eating better, exercising harder....and my inspirations are rising.

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  1. im so happy for you.
    and jealous.

    ive often thought of doing 5ks. i wanted to do the 3 day breast cancer thing. i wanted to do an autism one. but nope and nope. those things usually cost so much stinking money (like exersize equiptment and joining a gym when i have to drive an hour to get there) that i end up not doing anything.

    PS: ill babysit!