Saturday, March 12, 2011


The good news: I'm holding steady at 20 lbs - no gain.

The bad news: I have knee pain that is preventing me from using the treadmill or doing 30 Day Shred (too much jumping). It is a sharp pain, not constant. Mostly when I bend my knee a certain way and especially when I am going down the stairs. When it was it's worst, my knee was a little swollen too. From my research online, it sounds like it *could be* "runner's knee". And so...I am taking a break from cardio that is hard on my knees and letting it heal. I am icing it occasionally and trying to keep my weight off of it when I go down the stairs. It definitely feels better than it did a few days ago, but I would like it to feel 100% and then give it a few more days after that before slowly returning to my routine. The last thing I need right now is a serious knee injury. And of course - if it does not get better, and obviously if it gets worse, I will go see a doctor.

So it has been several days since I have had a really good work out. I miss it. I crave it.

But I like said...I am holding steady at 20 lbs anyways, so that is good. I am still doing some light weights and crunches now and then, as well as trying to add in leg-strengthening exercises because they say a stronger leg helps prevent knee injuries. I think this week I will try to do a little boxing since that is good cardio, but mainly upper-body cardio. Perfect to do while I let my knee rest!

I'll keep you posted on how things are going. I can't even tell you how bummed out I am about having to stop jogging/running, but I am trying my best to stay positive.


  1. ive had that before (it sounds like). like really bad stabbing just certain moments. definatly rest up; but im glad you are doing other things in the meantime! maybe you could do some pilates! LOL if you can hold the position; you could do that whole kickboxing thing (without the kicking) just the punching? man, thats total cardio right there. pretty awesome considering!

    way to go keeping it steady during a setback! :)

  2. Oh no...I didn't know you got hurt...take it easy.