Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm still kickin'

It has been busy to say the least, but I'm still here. Still with my same goals in mind. A quick update on my weight loss progress - as of this morning I am back to where I was at my low in the fall. That is, at a 44 lb loss total. It feels good, but this time I need to keep going and not get stuck again!

As far as fitness - my husband and I are officially signed up for a Get Lucky 7K next month for St. Patrick's day. In addition to being my longest race to date, you get a kick ass sweatshirt. The registration fee was a bit high, but it was worth it for a green sweatshirt that says "Get Lucky" on it!

In addition, both my husband and I (and sister in law) are entered into the lottery for entry into the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June. This race is a part of the famous Grandma's Marathon weekend in Duluth, MN and I am super excited! I realize it's quite a big, scary jump from 7k to 13.1 miles, but there is no reason I can't do it, with a little training and dedication and determination. It still seems surreal that I am even entertaining the thought let alone signed up. I should say, entered into the lottery. Entrance is based on a lottery system and generally, 2 out of 3 people get chosen - so my odds are pretty good especially being that I am signed up with a group of people (and if one gets chosen, everyone does).

I have a training schedule ready to start March 5th. Until then I am just working on keeping a basic base of a few miles. I am proud to say I just finished a 5k on the treadmill (I have come to prefer outside, but it's snowy and cold and yucky, and gets dark early) and I did it in 33:31...I think that is my personal best....I will have to check on that.

So that's all - I will try to keep updated better. I think if I have something to say, other than "I'm still stuck", I will be more apt to post :-) So let's cross our fingers and toes that all goes well the next few weeks and I can kick this sh*t into high gear.

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