Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running shoes

So I've been experiencing an "off" feeling in my left knee lately when I run. It has been worrying me but I've been hopeful that it would be okay.

Last night I jumped on the treadmill for a nice easy 2 miler (per my training schedule). I noticed my right knee was starting to feel off as well, and at about 1.5 miles in I wondered, could it be my shoes? They aren't all that old but I suppose depending on the shoe and the way I run, something could be going on. So I switched into another pair of running shoes - the ones I was using before I bought my current ones (and really they were fine, I just got new ones because they were cute and comfy and someone was buying as a gift). Right away it seemed to make a difference. It didn't feel 100%, but changing my shoes made enough difference that I'm thinking I found the problem. I'm going to do my 2 remaining easy runs this week in the other shoes to see if my knee continues to feel better.

They do say not to wear new shoes before a race, but these aren't really new. They feel like old friends to my feet, so I'm not worried at all about switching so late in the game. I probably even did a few training runs in them at some point.

Countdown! 3 full days left!


  1. it would all be so much easier if not for the stupid shoes.
    im at a standstill. partly because i got out of routine and location, and didnt have the time to run (or the energy, despite the fact that i DID do a 5K a week and a half ago - i did NOT jog the whole thing, 35:28)
    but the other part is that my shoes are no good. they are better than the new pair i had bought. they dont cause immediate pain. and i almost bought a cute pair of nikes at shopko last week. but in the end i didnt because it pinched at the base of my toes. which is something the previous new pair also had done.

    so i need shoes. and im frustrated as hell because right now we cant even buy groceries, and running shoes are not cheap. or, rather, i have to stop buying the cheap kind! :(:( GRRR!!!! i HATE this!

    i might have to go back to trying out the jillian video again, because honestly, i wasnt wearing shoes while doing that. though i might shoulda been.

  2. When you do get a chance, I definitely recommend splurging on a pair of Nikes or something at least. Shopko does have good sales and a good selection, that is where mine came from. It's amazing what a different the shoes can make.

    Because I am about to start training for another half marathon, and my old shoes are apparently not working out well for my feet (and the other pair won't have enough left in them to get me through another half marathon training schedule), I am going to go and get a new pair at an actual running store where they have you run on a treadmill and watch your body/foot mechanics with each stride so that they can determine what kind of shoe will work best for you. It's even more pricey than just buying Nike's or something, but if Im going to be putting in that much mileage, I figure I better invest in it.