Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I haven't posted any weight loss updates in the last couple of weeks because I haven't lost any weight. Between traveling over the 4th of July, then heading a few hours away mid-week for a concert one day, and then traveling yet again the following weekend...my head has been spinning. My house is a disaster with all of this coming and going! But worst of all, I am finding it very difficult to stick to my healthiest eating habits when I come and go like this. Not to mention it has been HOT and hubby is a sucker for DQ on a hot day. And I don't have the willpower to say no to ice cream on a hot day. I could make it through without suggesting the idea myself, but I just cannot say no once somebody else suggests it!

Is this a sign of weakness? Eh. Maybe. Or maybe I should just STFU and enjoy my ice cream now and then.

Though I do need to get back on track, and this week is the week to do it. I had a great day yesterday and I have a plan for the rest of the week. I got this. Damnit. I have to...I have come too far to get stuck for 4 months like I did this past winter.

What do you do to get yourself back on track and find your motivation again, when you've "fallen off the wagon" like I have the last couple of weeks?

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  1. have "healthy ice cream".
    i know, is there such a thing?
    ask for the child size, or the smallest possible size. you will feel just as satisfied with a small portion as you do with the large portion, with a LOT less guilt.

    try buying one of those single serving containers of ice cream at the store. or frozen yogurt. it prevents a whole bucket from being in the house, and they are really small containers! at least for some of them! :P:P or soy ice cream (its better than you think!)
    i dont think soy is "healthier" but its probably got less fat. i havent checked that out. i just know dairy=fat. any way you cut it, dairy is fat.

    when its hot, im not as hungry to begin with. so that helps me a lot. drinking more water makes you less thirsty sometimes.

    i think just sweating makes me lose weight. ive lost 1 1/2 lb in the past couple weeks. i think your body uses more when its trying to keep cool all the time. at least, thats my theory.

    anyway, those are some ideas? sometimes whats better than ice cream on a hot day is taking a walk in lake superior. what could cool one down better than that?! :P:P