Thursday, July 19, 2012


Out of the two pictures below...who do YOU think is "sexier" or healthier looking? To me, and I think millions of women, the "plus size" model wins for sure. Do then why do so many fashion magazines and clothing designers cater to, and promote sickly skinny looking women? Not by any stretch of the imagination is it "average" to have your hip bones protruding out, or to be able to count every single rib at a glance.

I've read that the average model wears a size 2 or 4. And we know it's not uncommon to see models who must wear a size 0 or 00. Yet the average U.S. woman wears a size 12! It's ridiculous.

I realize that some women are naturally very thin and built like a stick. I am not dissing those women in any way! I just wish there was more respect/visibility for women of an "average" build, or women naturally built like pears, or naturally built like apples. Or watermelons or whatever! We are all beautiful in our own ways. Every shape and I don't understand why the need to have skeletons representing a brand, when the majority of our population are nowhere near those proportions.

Who's brilliant idea was it in the first place that size 00, bony, and 5'11" was hot??

It's really not.

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