Friday, August 17, 2012

Endless Shrimp

No joke. I love it. Right now they have their promotional "Endless Shrimp" deal going on. Last night I went with my best friend of 25 years - kind of as a bit of a "farewell" dinner with me moving next weekend.

It.was.delicious :-)

I had 3 biscuits. Yes 3. That's 450 calories right there. I had some grilled shrimp which isn't bad, some broccoli, some parmesan shrimp (which isn't actually as bad as one would think), and shrimp pasta. That is where the calories REALLY came in. I don't even know how many. Not sure I want to know. I did prepare and save up the whole day, but still I'm sure I was over. Today my weight is up a bit but only 1.5 lbs from last week...and I guarantee it is 95% fluid retention from all the sodium. So I am very content with that and it was totally worth it. If I do good this weekend, and get my long run in, I bet I will be back down to 142-143 by Sunday. No prob, bob!

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