Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Commitment Day 5k!

I live in Minnesota. It gets cold in the winter. Today was one of those days...about -8 when I woke up. So what did I do? What any insane person might do. I went out and ran an organized 5k fun run, called commitment day, through my gym Lifetime Fitness. I wasn't planning it, but things just worked out that I did it, and I'm glad. It was fun! Cold, but fun. Not timed...which was fine, as it was so cold and crowded anyhow.

I'm glad to have started out 2013 with a 5k under my belt already!!

Bonus-who doesn't like race goodies (swag bags)? I got a shirt and a cool hard covered 2013 commitment day journal out of the deal. You wrote your commitment and keep track of your progress in it. I'm totally going to use it. I wrote several commitments:

-To run 500+ miles in 2013
-To run at least 3 half marathons
-To run a sub-26 minute 5k
-To eat healthy most of the time
-To get to the gym 2-4 times per week.

And the mother of all my commitments- to lose the remaining bit of my weight. I started this journey after New Years 2011. Two full years ago now. It's time to finish what I started and officially move to the next phase...which will last forever...and that is maintaining.

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