Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank you

I feel like I really need to say thank you.

Of course, first....thank you to my husband for putting up with me, supporting me and being proud of me. He has to gets to live with me day in and day out, so his support is a huge key to my success. He is also an inspiration, having gone through and being in the midst of his own journey. He is more amazing and means more to me than he knows!

Thank you to my kids - for being so amazing and being one of my core motivators. They are my life.

Thank you to ALL the friends and family who support me and encourage me. My close friends, far friends, acquaintances, parents, sister in law...everyone. You all rock. Thank you especially to friends who tell me I inspire them, for example Chelsea who says she lost 20 lbs thanks to my influence. That means a lot to me! Thank you also to Amberle, who I sort of started the journey with after we went to a weight watchers info session, and decided that we didn't need to pay that kind of money; we could do it on our own. And we did.

Thank you to my blog readers and Facebook followers. Another reason for my success has been that I put it all out there, for friends as well as complete strangers to read and judge. But mostly I just figured that the more people I was sort of "accountable" to, the harder it would be to let myself fail. Guess what, it worked! It also helps getting words of encouragement and reading other success stories, both of which I get much more of through having this blog and having the Facebook page.

Thank you to Moms RUN This Town. The organization as a whole, the people I have met and will meet through it, and the strangers (other chapter leaders) across the country who I probably never will meet. Many have inspired me and encouraged me. And, it's not just about running or weight loss - I went out on a limb to do something I was nervous and scared about (leading a chapter) and never looked back. It was honestly something that was TOTALLY out of character for me. Very much outside of my comfort zone...but along side with getting healthier, MRTT has helped me become more confident.

Finally, I guess I should thank my body and my mind. For being stronger than I knew either of them could or would ever be!!!!

Ok. Now that those are done with for now - back to my regularly scheduled ranting posts about the importance of being honest with yourself. And how amazing Chinese food is (damnit).

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