Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've been stuck for months, but I'm close to getting un-stuck. I can feel it!

Contributing to that is the fact that I'm finally getting into a regular fitness routine...Monday night Zumba (and extra cardio as time allows). Wednesday night runs. And weekend work outs. Soon to include long runs for half marathon training.

I am especially excited about and thankful for my running group. I led a chapter in my previous city, growing it from 2 to 75 members (including a dozen regulars). I moved last fall, and basically started over. We're now up to over 30 members in my new group, and a lot of them are becoming regulars already. We've done a couple of breakfast meet ups and our second run is tomorrow. I've already met some amazing, inspirational women and I'm so excited about what is to come for us!

Seriously, if you are at all interested in running or want to get going but aren't sure where to start - check out a running club. There are tons of them out there catering to different people with different needs or preferences.
Mine is a free, laid back mom's running group (Moms RUN This Town). It has thousands of members and nearly 500 chapters nationwide and in Canada. There are other mom groups out there as well. All are run differently and have their perks - Just find one that works for you and join!! Don't be scared-just do it! You'll get motivation, be inspired, have fun and make great friends. I highly recommend it!


  1. oh how practical. a running club up here? seriously?

    go you. but once again, you have to live in the city to do it.

  2. Actually, Ericka, that's not true in this case. There are locations everywhere and new chapters can be formed wherever a person wants to form one. The key is having initiative, motivation and determination to make it a success. If you feel there are no opportunities in small towns/rural areas, chances are there are others feeling the same exact way. I do know of at least one other person from Cook who has said she wished there was something like this in the area. All you need is somebody willing to form the chapter and initiate/recruit/motivate.