Friday, May 8, 2015

Lucky number 7

The number 7 has always been my favorite. Not that a favorite number matters...that is, unless you use it for lottery ticket purposes and you end up winning because of it. That won't happen to me, though, since you have to play to win.

However, my upcoming half marathon is my 7th. Perhaps that will bring me luck?
Compared to last year's training cycle for this race, I am in much better shape. I'm stronger, more consistent, and lighter. Because of those things, I'm also faster.

 I started out this training cycle under the shadow of last year, when my two half marathons fell quite short of my PR in 2013.  I never imagined I might get back into a place where a new PR was on the table for 2015.

But that was before I finally shed stubborn extra pounds. I mean, it was just typical winter weight....from two winters ago :-)

And it was before I started kicking ass in the way of consistency. In fact I've NEVER run so consistently. I've been able to go 4 times a week much of the time lately, thanks in part to a newfound love of 5:00a runs before work. 

I also have not missed a long run, which may be a first for this point in training. 

Time wise, I'm definitely faster than last summer. Will I be faster than 2013 and be able to pull off a PR? Time will tell. Even more importantly, can I pull off a decent race where I feel GOOD afterwards? A PR isn't nearly as fun if you feel like death afterwards. Still cool, but harder to celebrate if you're stuck on the couch...or the toilet! 

I'll be running with friends again and I'm also so excited to celebrate each of their accomplishments... Whether that's simply finishing in one piece or getting a PR or meeting a personal goal. 

Stay tuned for more updates on training as I get closer to the date (June 20). This weekend calls for 9 miles, though one day is supposed to be bad weather and the other I'm too busy for a long run. I may end up changing the schedule to fit it in early next week instead - but believe me, I'll get er' done! 

I leave you with this. My new favorite coffee creamer. I love it so hard. 


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  2. Good luck with the training and the half marathon.

    What's special about the coffee creamer?