Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Post-Race Void

Now that I wrote my title, I feel like I should first clarify that I am NOT going to be blogging about poop.  Although, post-race poops ARE a fascinating and important subject, and one that many runners are all too familiar with.

But let's save that for another day.  Instead, I am going to talk about the void in life after a race has passed.  I find myself in a mental struggle.   I mean, there is good – I like not getting up at the butt crack of dawn on weekend mornings so that I can squeeze in a long run before my kids are up and fully charged for the day.  But there are also hard things, like decreased mileage equaling decreased calorie burn. In other words…less food.  Oh, and less ability to excuse away that glass bottle of wine.  And without an event or goal you are working towards, running is suddenly “just for fun” again.  Don't get me wrong - running for fun is good.  It’s nice to go, without worrying about distance or pace or intervals if you don’t want to.  But it’s also easier to blow off a planned run when you don’t feel like you NEED it to stay on track with training for a race that you paid good money to run.

So I had a great race a couple of weeks ago, and I beat my old PR by nearly 5 minutes (HOLLA!)
Now what?  I’ve been running for fun, and I suppose to keep up my base a little.  It’s been good.  I am lucky in that I have a myriad of running buddies I can call upon to get me out the door, even at 5 am which is when I most commonly go.  I also try to go one evening per week to meet with a larger group of ladies for my favorite route...a 4.5 mile loop of paved trail over rolling hills surrounded by canopies of trees and the occasional body of water to our side or animal friend watching us go by.

But I traditionally run 2 half marathons per year, so I’ve been considering what is next.  In 2012 and 2013, I did the Women Rock half-marathon.  That was okay except I love bling (medals) and you receive a necklace instead, which I don’t love.  In 2015, I did the Diva’s half marathon in Peachtree City, GA. Due to schedules, priorities and budgets, a destination race is not an option, unless I schedule something into an upcoming trip to California - but no way.  That trip is for leisure and drinking and eating and exploring... and NOT worrying about race day logistics :-) No... I need something reasonably close. But something awesome.

Enter the inaugural Ely Marathon and half marathon, happening at the end of September in Northern Minnesota - maybe around 3.5-4 hours away.  The course will be a little more challenging than Grandmas, with it's hills and gravel roads.  And it will be very small.  But the scenery will be amazing and if the race logo is any indication, the medal is going to be awesome too.  So I'm considering doing that and hoping to make a weekend of it with my hubby.  Maybe he will even do it with me - time will tell.  Either way, should be a great little “mini-vacation”.  We’re thinking we’d camp out and do the whole wilderness thing, just like you should when visiting Ely.  My parents live not too far away from there, so they can watch the kiddos.  Which they (both my parents and kids) will love. It's a win-win, so I hope it works out!  


  1. These tips are great! I think it’s important for people to realize that losing weight is a lifestyle choice, and it helps to get excited about making change and achieving results!

  2. Very nice sharing. I have read your letter with my mother.Thanks.Good Luck