Saturday, January 15, 2011

The good, the bad, and the naughty.

My day started off by forgetting to take my vitamins (currently doing a multi-vitamin as well as vitamin D). Oooops! However I had whole-wheat toast for breakfast and actually felt fairly satisfied with that. (Breakfast is one meal where I easily tend to overeat, especially on weekends).

Unfortunately, I didn't really eat lunch. I had a serving of animal crackers for a snack, but lunch escaped me because I had a weird day in that I worked from 11-3. I was so distracted by that change in schedule that I didn't even think of lunch.

Of course, by the time dinner came around, I was STARVING! Andy had a great idea to get salads from Olive Garden. OMG, YUM! I sure wasn't going to argue with that idea.
Then I remembered (here comes the naughty part of this post) - a salad comes with bread sticks. Those amazing, warm, delicious, super, carb-a-licious breadsticks. We had them, and my willpower was just not good enough to say no. I mean, they were...there! Looking at me! So I had one. Along with all of my salad and some of Andy's. I suppose if I am going to over eat, I might as well do it on lettuce, right? I didn't even use all the dressing provided, so it wasn't even too bad in that aspect. And -holy crap- we had a leftover bread stick! Between 2 kids and 2 adults, we only ate 3 out of 4. For me, this is truly awesome, and a first.

With the bread stick in mind, I really pushed myself tonight doing the Wii Fit free run. Pushed myself so that I sweated a lot! I was also glad to see that I lost another half a pound. Yesterday night I stayed the same. I mean, exactly the same. That Wii Fit measures you down to the point, and includes your BMI, and it was exactly the same as it had been the previous night. Not ideal, but I'm not complaining either. I didn't gain anything! And as of tonight I even lost half a pound. ON A WEEKEND!!! I am nothing short of thrilled!

Finally - Andy made a really good point today. This was my 6th night in a row working out, and he said I should remember to take a night off here and there - or else I run the risk of burning myself out quickly doing this so hard for a few weeks and then I will stop completely. He is right - so tomorrow night I am going to take a break from the Wii. I might still do some light weights (really light...I'm talking an 8 lb dumb bell which I've been utilizing a little lately, and I like it a lot)...but that is it. I won't even weigh myself again until Monday night.

But honestly, it is hard to take a break when I am seeing real results and feeling so good about it. This might just be about the most determined I've been in all the times I have tried to shed some pounds. The exception is probably when I lost 40 lbs before our wedding in 2004. I had a pretty darn good motivator. Though I did give myself some mini-motivators for this time around. I think at 40 lbs lost, I am going to get my hair all cut and colored purrrrty-like. At 60 lbs lost, I am going to get a new purse (I've already got a general idea in mind of what I want. Damn you, Coach, for being so addicting and beautiful!). And at 77 (official goal) or 80 lbs...I dunno. A mini-shopping spree, perhaps? I'm not talking Gucci and Prada here, I'm talking Target, Kohls, Old Navy, Maurices, JcPenney's type places. That is plenty good enough for me :-) I think if I really do get to 80 lbs lost, I will I deserve to buy a few new things. In fact, I will NEED to, because I will have nothing that fits me.

And I WILL get there this time.

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  1. goals that = spending money? thats totally not fair.

    the first one is great; a pretty-ifier is a great motivator. im sure shopping is too, but thats just not fair. LOL.

    you know, if you make it into your dress again (thinking you still have it anyway) ill take all kinds of fancy schmancy pictures of you in it at the rose garden or someplace equally beautiful, like gooseberry or anyplace. lol. one of those things ive wanted to do forever, and still havent...