Friday, January 14, 2011

Balls, balls, everywhere...

Today I was offered a Lindor Chocolate. You know...round, chocolate shell filled with smooth creamy goodness? Comes in multiple flavor combos? First I said "no, no no". Literally, I was that nice about it. Then I thought to myself "Well - I will just work hard tonight and this weekend. Besides, is a pretty amazing feat in itself, so I can be darn proud of that!!". I accepted the delicious ball of calories. "What kind is this?" I asked. "Milk chocolate outside with white chocolate inside" was the reply.

And what did I say? Well, I won't say what I said, because it was a profanity inappropriate for this blog. Why did I swear? Because, chocolate with white chocolate inside is my favorite kind of those, and at that point I knew there was no turning back.

As we enjoyed our chocolate-y awesomeness, my friend Googled the calories in one of them babies. It was *only* 70 something. For one ball. One stinkin ball! I kept those 70-some calories in mind as I ran my Wii Fit free run tonight.

And speaking of balls, I'm thinking of getting one of them big exercise balls. The Biggest Loser for Wii has exercises using one, which started me thinking. I'm just not sure if it is worth it or not. Or maybe not yet, but eventually.

Does anybody have one? Like it? Hate it? Use it? Abuse it?


  1. Your doing so well! I have always enjoyed reading anything you write about ever since we have been kids! I would recommend one of the exercise balls! It allows you to switch it up a little for when your feeling saucy! LOL As far as the other kind of balls, the white and milk chocolate ones? They are my fav's too! With the GD i'm getting really good at turning down anything with sugar in it. Lets hope I can keep it up after baby comes! XOXO

  2. say, i had one of those balls and i didnt use it much and it ticked me off because then it was just lying around in the way.

    however, this sounds like a good thing, so go for it! :):)