Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, boy

Last night my weight was the same (again, exactly the same) as it had been the night before. Then I made sure to make myself really sweat during my work out. And now this brings me to tonight...and how I will do during a weekend away that is normally filled with unhealthy food on the go. It is kind of a bummer that I lost 10 lbs and hit a wall (I mean come on, 10 lbs and then a wall?! I thought I'd at least get to 15 or 20 before hitting a wall!), but I definitely don't want to gain anything over the weekend. I do know that Sunday night/Monday night I am going to strive to really kick my own ass during my workouts, to make up for whatever damage the weekend brings. I mean, I love to have a couple drinks, especially on a weekend night when we are hanging out with others. But drinks = calories, so I will try to keep that in mind and limit it to 1. Or 2. And maybe I can check out menu items at places we typically end up eating, and find out what some of the lower-calorie options are. Exercise will be a bit harder, because we are so busy and everything.

I really need motivation to get through this weekend, and positive thinking. It is going to be way harder than a couple of days at home.

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  1. you can do it!!!

    im not going to touch your "drinks" - but instead of having juice/milk/soda with meals or whatever, try water instead. you wont regret that one. we had water just tonight with our salads. :) yum yum. its just supposed to wet your whistle, who says it has to taste? :P:P that might help "even out" your 1-2 'drinks' that you want.. right? i mean, water = zero calories, and its really good for you anyway... and you'll save, what, 2$ a meal?