Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I think this weekend has went well so far. The real test will be when I weigh in tomorrow night, but I feel I have made decent choices compared to what I would have in the past. Breakfast has been Dannon Light N' Fit yogurt with a little granola (btw the light and fit is only 80 calories, and very good!) lunches and dinners have been salads (even from chipotle!) and healthier options from other favorite places to eat, like "naked wings" from Buffalo Wild Wings. The only bad thing I've had is a few drinks last night.

In the mornings I have done 30 minutes on their treadmill. I alternate jogging and walking... From 3.5 to 5.5 mph. I tell ya... I sure did sweat buckets, and LOVED it! I want a treadmill of my own. Bad. I see myself as being someone who would become a regular user, not one who would let it gather dust. I am starting to crave the exercise and the feeling of working hard and sweating hard. Andy and I will have to talk about it... See what we want, what our budget may be, how to fit it in, etc. But I think it would be a huge benefit to both of us, health wise. If we do get a treadmill, I also need new and decent shoes for it because using my normal old sneakers just 2 days had lead to a blister already. Proof I worked hard and proof that my shoes suck :-)

So we will head home tomorrow and I will work out then weigh myself tomorrow night after the girls go to bed. Then I'll upate here... Hopefully an update for my ticker too! And not in a backwards direction. LOL!


  1. so, im sure you live no more than like 5 minutes from a gym that would let you use their treadmills..... but i suppose, when would you fit in the time to do that and where would the girls go huh? :P you'd have to switch shifts with andy or something! :P:P
    anyway, this sounds promising! go girl !!!

  2. Yeah - Andy does have a membership, and he uses it often. While he does that, I stay home and do my own workouts at home best I can. Basically the "fitting it in" part is hardest. Although our gym does have "daycare" to bring your kids over 18 months while you work out, we just don't have the time after dinner, to go and get a decent work out and be home before bath/bed time since we all get up so early (I get up at 4:30 am and Andy and the girls get up 6 am to 6:15ish). Plus a membership is $35 a month....What was nice about my old job (when I worked overnights) was that I got a free membership through work. I would love that again! lol