Saturday, January 22, 2011

The verdict of my first weekend away

So I realize I have been blogging a lot. Maybe some people would be like "geez, shut up about it already!" But first...nobody is forced to read the blog. The only people who will, are people who want to because the are interested in one of a few things...My progress, my struggles, or my brilliant writing (hahaha). Secondly, it may make me seem like a nerd to be keeping this blog SO updated, but I don't give an owl's hoot, because it is just one more thing that is motivating me.

Anyways, this weekend was fun. I made pretty good choices. I had a chicken onion teriyaki sub for supper on Thursday and for lunch today. I had Light N' Fit yogurt and a little granola for breakfasts. Lunch on Friday was a salad from Chipotle (I LOVE their chips and salsa, but I didn't break down!) For supper Friday night I had "naked wings" from Buffalo Wild Wings, and the sauce comes on the side. Normally I would have had the regular wings, which have all the fried breading or whatever on the outside. I also did minimal snacking. I did have a few drinks Friday night, at around 180 calories apiece. I knew it was a sacrifice, but I also knew I had eaten well otherwise.

Best yet, I knew I had worked hard on the treadmill. They have a very nice treadmill which I really pushed myself hard on. Some people would have laughed at what "hard" was to me, but it will only get better. And what is most important is that I felt GOOD after I was done. My legs are sore now....but I feel good and like I said in a previous post, I am really really hoping to get a treadmill of our own some time soon. Thank you to my sister-in-law for letting me use hers while we were visiting!! I really think it did a lot of good!

Then today, my niece developed a fever so we decided it best for us to leave early (we were supposed to stay until tomorrow late morning/early afternoon). As we packed up, my sister in law took her to the doc and it turned out she has strep, so we made the right decision. So anyhow, that meant my official Wii weigh-in was tonight instead of tomorrow night. And the verdict was......

I LOST(!!!!) 2.6 more pounds!!

Holy shit! (Excuse my language, but really!) I cannot believe that I actually avoided gaining weight during a weekend away, and even managed to LOSE weight. It really IS possible to go out to eat (every meal other than breakfasts was food technically "fast food") and make good choices. Paired with my awesome treadmill works outs, I was able to break the 10lbs that I felt "stuck" at!! I think technically I am at a weight right now that I have not been at since during my pregnancy with my first daughter. To get to where I was when I started the pregnancy, I need to lose 25 more. To get where I was when I got married in 2004, I need to lose 45 more. And to get to where my first big initial goal is (at which point I will re-evaluate)...I have 65 more to go.

It is a lot...but 65 sounds more manageable than 77.....and it will only get better from here.

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  1. I love your blog! I think it's great to post everyday so you can track your progress. I have a weight-loss blog, too, but it's nothing big at all. I love reading other's for inspiration. Congrats on the weight loss!