Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Workouts and weigh-ins

So I go against the common advice that you shouldn't weigh yourself every day. I do weigh myself almost every day, right before my work out. I use the Wii Fit for weighing and I like seeing the graph line going down :-) Anyhow. The reason I like to weigh myself each day is that when I see a loss on the scale, even if it is .02....it motivates me to work harder. Then again, if I see a gain on the scale, that motivates me to work harder. It's a win-win! Obviously everybody is different, but that is just what seems to be working for me.

Which brings me to tonight's weigh in...I gained .03. Nothing to be concerned about - that could easily be water weight, heavier outfit than I wore the day before..whatever. However not seeing a loss made me go "ah crap...I need to make tonight a kick-butt night". And so, I did.

After work today I stopped at Target, not knowing if I wanted to go with Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" or "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism". Who knows, eventually I may get both. But for now I just wanted one...and my decision was made easy because "30 Day Shred" was all sold out. So...."Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" it was! I also picked up a pair of 3 lb weights...I realized all I have is 8 lb and 5 lb, and I wanted something lighter.

The video I chose is a 40 minute cardio-fest. I vowed to get through it all, and I did. That isn't to say I didn't do a few things a little slower, or take an extra few seconds to rest here and there...and everywhere...but I did it. Holy crap did that make me sweat. It was SO hard, but in a good way! Now that it is over, I feel good. Really good! Other than my arms and legs about to fall off.

If you see my arms and legs laying around somewhere, please let me know.

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  1. i TOLD you it was killer! its amazing. it works EVERYTHING. and it kicks your butt while its working it. my favorites were the kicking, the punching/squat thing, and the twisting knee thing (while in a pushup). i actually LIKED doing them. man, i remember that. i should do it again. :P

    when i weigh myself i do it in the morning with little-no clothes on. that way im weighing me and not my clothes or the meal i ate earlier in the day. seems to make it more fair; i could vary within 3 lbs over a day. which totally sucks, but thats the way it is.