Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm still here....

I apologize it has been so long since I've been around. We had a busy weekend planned anyhow, with my older daughter's birthday on the 17th and her party that weekend. Unfortunately busy became busier when my grandma passed away (on the 17th). Our travel plans for 3 days turned into 5 days. Then my daughter got sick and couldn't be at her own birthday party. It has just been a whirlwind lately, so that is why I have not been around.

To be honest, I have not weighed myself at all. I suspect I gained a little, because I didn't eat nearly as healthy while away from home as I should have. I had some alcoholic beverages (mostly wine and Raspberry Smirnoff Ice...girlie drinks you know) and those are full of calories as well, and always make me retain water. I weighed myself while away and it was quite a difference (though part of that is going to be due to different scales, different time of day it was, and retaining water because trust me no way did I gain that much in FAT back over just a few days). However I am happy to say that with the exception of a couple Girl Scout cookies last night, I am back on the wagon.

I am still sad and there is kind of a lot going on (sick family members, the fact that most of our stuff from being away is still not unpacked, working long hours, left my suitcase back at my parent's house), so I cannot guarantee daily blog entries for a few days yet, but I will try my best. On the plus side, I am excited for this weekend...going to a Blake Shelton concert so that should be fun...

I really need something fun.

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