Friday, February 25, 2011

The damage

So my 5 days away has resulted in a net wait gain of........*drumroll please*..........

1.8 lbs.

I finally got brave enough to check this morning. I am bummed out for sure, but it isn't surprising. I was really distracted and away from home. Although I did use a treadmill a couple of times while I was away, it wasn't enough to negate the crap I ate and the stuff I drank. It's my own fault and now I gotta do the work to fix it.

So going with that....last night I did 30 Day Shred. I felt accomplished after, as I was definitely sweating (sweating makes me happy; it makes me feel like I really worked hard). Not sure what I can do tonight, as it's a kind of busy night, but I will try to do something. Unfortunately our treadmill is out of commission - the belt is kind of "crooked" and manual adjustment by my husband was not enough to get it centered right. So he called and they are going to come to take a look at it, but it might be several days and until then they recommended we not use it. From what I gather, it is not uncommon for the belt to be "un-centered" right off the bat, so hopefully once the professionals come out and get it right, we won't have any more troubles. Good thing for a warranty, anyhow! *PHEW*

Tomorrow night I am going out to eat and then to a kids, no hubby. Just silly girl time. I am excited, I really need a little silly girl time to get away from it all. It has been quite an overwhelming last week or so.

And my most current weight-loss goal? To be at the 20 lb mark one week from today.

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