Sunday, February 6, 2011


Saturday I started out good with eggs and toast. Supper was good as well, with roast chicken and a nice big salad. The problem was the cookies, and the movie theater popcorn, and the drink. I ate worse and more calories than I have in a good month...and my stomach was very upset with me. I was startled awake at 1:30 AM on Saturday night with acid reflux so bad I ran to the bathroom thinking I was gonna throw up. And I almost did a few times in the next half hour. Then my stomach proceeded to gurgle and make terrible noises as if it was saying to me "You bitch, what did you DO to me?!".

Sorry, stomach. Now I know that you were used to eating better so I can't just go eating like total crap without considering you first.

On the plus side, on Saturday I did work out using the treadmill for 33 minutes, the exercise bike for 15 minutes, plus 50 crunches and a few minutes of 8 lb weights. On Sunday I helped shovel literally 3 feet of snow off of my parent's back deck, and helped rake as much snow off of their garage roof as well. That was pretty decent exercise!

However I ain't ready to weigh myself today. I'm scared, and I won't do it. Tomorrow I will be eating pretty strictly and working out hard at night (I work a long shift though, 6 am to 6:30 pm, so hopefully I can make it....) I am hoping to undo some of the damage I probably did, and at least come out even by the time I weigh myself tomorrow night.


  1. now now, be honest with yourself. its when you are most scared that you SHOULD weigh yourself and make sure you are clear about how you did. either, you made up for the bad you did, or you will really have proof it was bad. :P now IM curious if nothing else.

    avoiding it because you think you might have gained is cheating! :P

    oh well, it happens. my stomach rebels against me too. but mine is usually IBS related.

  2. It is not cheating by not weighing yourself because for the first time in a month you have an off day. Studies have proven that the most effective diets work best when you take a day off and eat what you like. Your more likely to fall off the diet wagon if you don't. You've done fantastic so far! Keep up the great work and don't worry about one day :)