Monday, February 7, 2011

One more little cheat

Yeah, so, I did not weigh myself last night. Partially because I was busy and had company over, partially because I was scared. I didn't need the scale to tell me that I did badly - I knew that.

However I did weigh myself this morning...keeping in mind that my normal weigh-in is at night, so it is bound to be who knows how much less than it could be by the end of the day. Anyhow, the number this morning was 1.5 lbs down from what it was Thursday night. I'm considering it an un-official weigh in, because my guess is that it will be up a couple pounds tonight when I weigh in. Mostly I was curious to see if it would go up, even weighing in the morning. It didn't, phew!

I guess we shall see what tonight brings. I have a looong day at work ahead...and I plan to eat as clean as clean can be.


  1. It seems so easy for you...good for you!

  2. i always weigh myself in the morning; at night you are literally weighing the food in your system. its a good 1-2 lb difference. in the morning, you are simply weighing what your body weighs. not the food. (and i do it sans clothes too LOL)