Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok. The more I think about it, the more freaked I get.
I registered for a 5k?
Oh. em. gee.

I was that girl who hated gym glass. Who would rather fail than go play baseball and football with a bunch of competitive jerks with verbal diarrhea. Who really had no interest in joining any organized sports. Sure, I liked things for fun...swimming, jump roping, ice skating...that sort of stuff. But... I was that girl. I was happy playing trumpet in pep band at games in high school.

So yes. I am a bit nervous. Okay, a lot nervous. What if I can't get to the point I am running 3 miles comfortably? What if I end up walking the whole damn thing? What if this? What if that?

BUT. I have lost 24 lbs. I have lost it through the hardest, but healthiest way possible and that is to simply eat better and exercise. If I can do that, why can't I do a 5k? I can. Right? I hope.

Want to know a secret? I would love to love the 5k, and to want more. And then I would love to graduate to longer races. Maybe a 1/2 marathon some day? Would it be ridiculous for me to say that it would be awesome to finish a whole marathon some day?

I tell you what. If I ever did, it would probably be the one thing to mention to somebody who hasn't seen/known me since high school. The one thing that I could say to make their jaw drop.

Because they will remember, I was that girl. But look what I can do now.

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  1. you kinda lost me. but thats fine.

    my thought is this: what if you walk it. who cares? seriously, do people seriously run the entire thing? those people probably trained every spare second of every year for years before they could run the whole thing. who cares if you end up walking it!

    i would love to love a 5k too. i would love to love to sweat. i would love to love to run. i would love to have a freaking B chest instead of what i have. that alone would make things easier. but i dont. oh well.
    got results from a life insurance related health test. as far as health goes, im super preferred. im in excellent health. even my bmi (with a 5 lb difference from weighing myself without clothes on) makes my bmi within healthy range. my cholesterol is low. my BP is low. so really, its not like im a walking time bomb. but at the same time, i have to do something to make sure i dont get lazy as time goes by. at some point the "youth" goes away, and the pounds pile on without even doing anything. and then what do i do?

    i dunno. sounds like a whole blog post to me. :P