Monday, March 7, 2011

I got this

I weighed in this morning... after a weekend of not-so-super eating, but not "terrible" either. I guess what I mean is that my meals weren't all so hot, but I was able to minimize excess snacking. And Sunday I got a jog in on the treadmill (by the way I have worked my way up to jogging @ 4.5 mph for a whole mile - this is incredible for me. I think now I want to work up to doing a mile faster...Yesterday I did it in just over 14 minutes, and this morning (4 am baby!) I did in just over 13 minutes because for awhile I kicked up the speed a notch. The thing I love about my treadmill is that I can plug my iphone into it, turn on Pandora, and rock out to music while I run (without the headphones to deal with). It definitely makes time go by faster!

Anyhow, as I was saying. I weighed in this morning. After the "less than perfect" weekend, I am exactly the same as I was at my last weigh in. Still sitting at 19 lbs lost. However I am feeling confident for some reason, that this is the week I'm going to (finally) break through the wall.

I have to admit, as frustrating as it is being stuck at this point for so long, it is good to know that I can maintain a weight loss, even if I do slip up and have an off day or even an off week. Right now my goal of course is to be losing weight, so staying even is ticking me off to no end. BUT...when this is all said and done and I reach the weight I desire to be, it would be amazing to know that I could "fall off the wagon" now and then and not worry about gaining 20 lbs automatically. LOL

Because as most of us know, nobody eats perfectly 100% of the time.

Oreo, anyone?


  1. I hope you hit 20 this week. I am struggling so bad...after a weekend with friends and wine and food...I WILL NOT even step on the scale because I am afraid of what it will say.

  2. lets get that 20 girl! i love how you keep it in perspective.

    i just posted on getting fit ;) and said that its worth a try to eat smaller portions. using a tiny plate or a tiny bowl. i mean, are we eating a certain amount out of habit? if one isnt able to burn more calories than one is eating, then maybe reducing what is being eaten is a key? and to reduce feeling hungry, making every calorie count and not making them be worthless ones... like, a fruit/veggie is going to last longer and make a difference, its in the fiber. fruit/veggie/whole grain has a lot of fiber, its point is to keep you feeling fuller longer and stuff... so you could go longer. grape nuts is great for that; i ate that at 9 am and i wasnt ravashing really until 2.... and since i didnt have anything to eat, i just went without (had some gum) until i got hom after 4. amazing how i wasnt dying of hunger.

    figure out too, if you are eating when hungry, or just because "its time".