Friday, March 4, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Ok. Yes. I had a rough couple, or few weeks. Our treadmill was out of commission, a lot of stuff was going on, and we went out of town for awhile. One day at work, the director ordered pizza for our whole department. How many pizzas does that take? Well, they figured about 35. So anyhow that day I was working from 6 am to 7:30 pm...I ended up having pizza for both lunch and supper. Not so good (yet, sooooo good!!)

Anyhow our treadmill is back in action, and so am I. Yesterday I got back on the bandwagon and ate truly well, 100% of the day, for the first time in awhile. I also got in a 3o minute workout on the treadmill. It turned out to be my best workout yet, actually, so I was thrilled with that! And if I want to do a 5k in April, I need to start working hard to get up to the point that I can run 3 miles without stopping :-) Ummm, yeah...not even close yet. But I hope to get there.

Today when I got up I decided I would weigh in. Saying I was worried is an understatement. I was terrified...I was positive that I would be up another couple of pounds on top of the 1.8 I already was up before. But low and behold...

I was down 2.4 lbs!!

This puts me right back at a 19 lb loss mark, but as far as actual weight and BMI, it was even better than it was when I had officially changed my ticker to 19 lbs. (This is because when I get "between" two weights, I round up or down depending where I am. Last time, I was at 18.5 so I rounded up to 19. Yes that is my confession of the day, but I don't mind at all. If it had been 18.4, I would have rounded down - I just don't wanna mess with point-this and point-that).

So anyhow like I said last time I hit 19 lbs, it was really 18.5 and I rounded up as I always do in those situations. However today, it really was 19 lbs...19 lbs even. So actually, I've lost a little more overall.

Can we say "WOOOOOOOT!!!!!"

I am SO excited. I am right there...SO getting that sweet, sweet 20 lbs. And I am proud that I have done it all without any other interventions or fad diets or programs. Good ol' fashioned eating better and exercising is the best way to go about it, no question. It might also be the hardest, but that's what makes me feel that much more accomplished. I love it!

So the next couple of months are full of busy-ness. I am currently nearing the end of a 61 hour work week, and next week I have another one. The following weekend, we are going to the cities for a birthday party. We always have lots of fun when we go to visit my sister in law. Then in the beginning of April, we have another birthday party out of town, and we have a hotel room for that night and plan on lots of lots of fun while we bring the kids to stay with grandma. And finally, in the beginning of May, we are going to an Elton John concert. Our tickets are main floor, row 33...which is pretty freaking amazing and especially considering the tickets sold out from all avenues within an hour or something crazy like that. Our kids will be staying with grandma that night too, so we can have a good time, come home late, and not worry about getting up at 5 am with the kiddos. It is going to be a GREAT time!! Hopefully by then I will be at 30 lbs lost, at least :-)

One last thing going on is that I am debating going back to school for my Master's degree. I have debated this for a long time...since I graduated in 2005 with my B.S in fact. But I know people who are in their late 20's, like me, going back to school and it is starting to help inspire me. Holy man will it be tough - I would have to continue to work full time, and of course I have 2 little ones...but the end result...that Master's degree...would feel absolutely amazing.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Comments on anything from this whole blog? Wanna call me a cheater for rounding my numbers? Or encourage me to go back to school?

Let er' rip!


  1. 19 pounds is amazing! It always feel great to get back on track.

  2. Great job!! You rock it. As far as the school -- YES -- go back. We can do it together...I will be starting my PhD Program on September 12 -- it will take 3-5 years (IKES) but it is needed...

    Great job on the weight are a rock star!