Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just chillin

My number that is just chilling. There have been normal daily fluctuations but on average I am still right where I've been since hitting 24 lbs. Of course. I always get stuck right before a cool milestone (in this case, 25 lbs).

That's ok. I have noticed a trend with my body, and that is I seem to get stuck for awhile but then suddenly I will drop a few pounds or more in a very short period of time. Then I get stuck again. It seems to goes this way no matter how well or crappy I've been eating or how much exercise I put in. Not that I am going to start eating like crap all the time and stop exercising! I know if I slacked too much for a period if time, the weight would all come tumbling back.

I wonder if people who can eat anything in any amount and exercise no more than an average person without putting weight on, know how lucky they are! Then you got people who just look at piece of cake or something, and blow right up. It is interesting that is for sure.


  1. I am not the lucky one...the cake looks at me and just adds pounds to me!!! You are doing great -- excellent job!

  2. you are rocking it girl!! i cant believe your funny patterns. lol but i guess theres something to everyone..

    one of the guys on the biggest loser said something funny yesterday about its hard to keep making workouts strenuous. maybe thats the problem? doing too much of the same thing? hopefully summer will hit and you can do a greater variety of things to shake it up a little. i know that i cant wait.