Thursday, March 31, 2011

A quarter

If I had a penny for every pound I have lost....I would now have a whole quarter :-)

I am SO excited, and I did a little experiment to get there so I am glad that I have increased my knowledge. I found through trial and error that I am more likely to lose weight after days that I eat more calories (not a ton, but more, and healthy). On days that I have tried to be super strict, I am more likely to just stay the same. That isn't always the case, but it does seem to be a little of a trend. I imagine that with my exercise, my metabolism has improved and it takes a few more calories to fuel my body now. When I don't eat enough calories to compensate, the pounds all talk to each other saying "screw this, let's hold on for dear life, she NEEDS us, she is starving!"

At least, this is my theory.


  1. i agree with your theory! :) we do need food or else our body panics, just like you said! it made me LOL!!! :)

  2. and a major CONGRATULATIONS!!! :):)