Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night I set out on the treadmill intending to run/jog a whole 1.5 miles. I had already done 1 mile a handful of times previously, but adding another .5 seemed like a long jump to make! I was thinking I might not make it, and starting to aim for 1.25. But then I hit 1.25 and I was like, well wtf, it's only another .25...might as well do it. So I did. And then I even walked another .5 to make my total distance 2 miles for the night. Between the jogging and walking, I covered my 2 miles in almost exactly 27 minutes. That would put me on pace for a 40-41 minutes 5k in June, which makes me happy because at this point I still have 2 months to improve. I'm thinking I will aim for a 36 minute 5k...we shall see how that works out :-)

Good news- my knee is still feeling just fine, and I am so thankful for that!!

And finally, I was of these days I am going to go through my blog history and collect all the data to make a weight loss chart. And of course, once I have the chart, I will continue to keep it updated. Other than a mess of blog entries, I have not tracked dates/weight losses at all. I need to start doing that.

Now I am off to tackle my longest day of the week, Thursday. I work 6 am to 10 pm on Thursdays (with the exception of two 15 minute breaks, a 30 minute lunch break, and a 30 minute break at 4:30 so that I can drive home and get ready to work from home for 5 more hours).


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