Monday, April 25, 2011


Aaah the weekend...the ones I think I did crappy, I end up losing weight. The ones I feel like I should have lost weight, I don't. This was one of the latter....I got in some exercise and even a 1.3 mile jog outside, but I still stayed even with what I was a week ago today. I didn't eat too much, I think it is more likely that I could have eaten too little due to the fact that my stomach was a little
"off" much of the weekend. Or who knows, maybe my body just randomly wants to be stuck at 28 lbs for a bit? Make it nice and hard for me to get that 30 mark?

Grrr. It sucks but I will get over it and hope the week goes well. My overtime is almost over and when it is, my core schedule will be 6-2:30. I plan to make an "appointment" to exercise for certain days of the week. It will be an appointment I cannot cancel or reschedule. Hopefully the extra time, exercise, and probably sleep will help me lose a little more weight.

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