Monday, April 11, 2011


Whooosh is the sound of another couple pounds dropping. My total is 27 now!

What is my current weight? Not that I like to announce it to the world but if I'm gonna be truthful and accountable, maybe I should. I can't remember if I really have said my weight yet, but if not, now is the time since I am on the brink of a major milestone.

So yeah, I am now 200 lbs even. One more pound...ONE MORE....and I will be out of the 2's. Never to be seen again. If you look at my ticker, I now have 50 lbs more to lose (and of course, I've said before, when I hit that I will re-evaluate and I am sure end up choosing to lose a bit more, but we shall see).

Now is NOT the time to get stuck so I hope I can drop at least one pound this week! I have short week planned for work, at 60 hours, so maybe I can fit in a run or two on the treadmill. I have been sick so I really haven't done any exercise for almost a week now. I need to get back into the groove.


  1. You are awesome and I am so happy for you. It is great that you can not work out and still see the pounds dropping on the scale -- keep up the good work.

  2. awesome job girl!!!
    wow. i would be down where i want to be at less than you've lost. you've got something girl!

    summer is coming; i hope i can get in gear!

    you've been sick!! :(:( get better!!