Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Monday, I hate that day....

I'm just starting out the week on a very uneasy note. I was moved from one team/supervisor to another as a part of a big reorganization, and today is the day it takes official effect. It's fine, I just really liked where I was. I really liked my supervisor, and I feel like now I have to start all over again proving myself and showing off my potential. It is what it is, and in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal. I also have a coworker who's twin sister's 26 year old husband died in a car accident on Friday, so I am feeling very sad about that and I know the atmosphere around work will be pretty quiet. It also makes me feel very lucky that my biggest problem on Friday was being moved to a new team. I just can't even imagine!

Anyhow the weekend was good. I didn't eat the greatest, but I did get in a jog on very first jog outdoors ever in my 28.9 years of life. It went well....I walked a little and jogged a lot... probably when all was said and done, I jogged a total of a mile which it sure did not feel like! A mile is nothing to some people I realize, but it was huge to me. I hope to keep improving. I also realized that once I get past the difference of a treadmill and actual outdoor ground, I can jog just fine outside. That makes me happy, because it reduces my worry about the 5k in June.

I weighed in this morning and "gained" less than a pound. I am glad for that, because that amount could be due to many reasons and is probably mostly just a part of normal daily fluctuation.

This week I hope I lose a few pounds. I really, really hope. I will work hard. Or as hard as I can...its another 70+ hour work week for me!

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