Friday, May 20, 2011

Well Helllloooo Friday!!

Last night my husband dragged my ass out to the Lake walk (for those who are "strangers" and don't know me, the Lake walk is a nice paved path along side Lake Superior) for some jogging. He pushed the stroller with the girls in it and I just jogged. We did less than 2 miles, but he figured our pace was around a 12.5 minute mile give or take. I am very happy with that!

Even happier is that I weighed in this morning and was back to 30 lbs lost. Yes "back to". After I hit 30 lbs last week, the weekend came and killed me. I gained a couple back. Yikes! This weekend I won't let that happen. This weekend I will work hard and try to knock more poundage off.

And finally, in happy news is that today is my LAST day of overtime. Not sure what I have ever put in this blog for details, but basically I have been working overtime for the last 7 months....anywhere from 50 to 72 hours a week. I have been exhausted. The money sure is nice, but man...being that it is almost summer, it sure will be amazing to have some time back again. My first week of a normal 40 hours is going to feel so short! My core schedule is 6 am to 2:30 pm, and I have decided one thing I will do with my extra time (after work but before I pick the kids up from daycare just before 5:00) is exercise of course. I now have an appointment with myself at 3:00 nearly every day (of course i will take rest days as needed) to use the treadmill, do 30 day shred, or some other form of exercise. I really think having consistency will help me keep on keeping on and hopefully get ready for the 5k and lose weight to boot.

One last thing I want to include is a list of goals. We all know I like to work in very small "goals". Currently I am at 30 lbs lost - 197 lbs. Here are all my goals for the future, I thought it might be nice to have them listed out ahead of time:

192 lbs - 35 lost
189 - 38 lost (one pound under what I was when I got pregnant with my first)
187 - 40 lost
182 - 45 lost
175 - 52 lost
172 - 55 lost
169 - 58 lost (one pound under what I was when I got married)
167 - 60 lost
162 - 65 lost
157 - 70 lost
152 - 75 lost
149 - 78 lost (and holy crap I don't ever remember being in the 140's)
147 - 80 lost
142 - 85 lost
140 - 87 lost

So you can see that by the end my goal will have me at 87 lbs lost - 10 lbs more than I originally planned. I decided to aim for 140 after checking height/weight charts which say for my height a person should be 130-150 lbs. I am aiming for the middle of that. Then I guess, we shall see how that looks and feels, and how accurate it is compared to the "charts", and I'll go from there.

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  1. now, if only I could get back to 140. thats my struggle. it might seem like its gonna get easier, but its not. when you only have a few to lose, thats harder i think. im pretty sure what i do evens out to exactly what im at. so something has to change at some point. however, it feels sometimes like i do exactly the same thing with money that i do with weight. do almost exactly enough just to break even, or even "lose" the game a bit. gain weight and losing money are the same outcomes of my two relationships with them both. argh. cant seem to get either of them right.