Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry I haven't updated in a few days again. Not that you know it, but I really wanted to. I tried to. Blogger was down for a couple of days it seems like.

I managed to jog a FULL 5k on my treadmill in 39:59!!! I had made my goal to be under 45 minutes, and I did it in under 40 even! I was SO excited!!!

Then the next day, I weighed in, and FINALLY hit 30 lbs!!! Talk about a great couple of days! In fact I was close to 31 lbs (but not quite enough to consider it official or change my ticker).

This weekend we were visiting my parents and my hubby dragged my butt out for a 5k jog outside. This is in the country, on hilly gravel roads and it was a super windy day, but I managed to finish in under 45 minutes. I was happy with that! Then today we went out with good intentions to jog 5k again, but couldn't quite make it after a late night out last night. We did power walk when we weren't jogging, so it wasn't useless....every little bit helps, right!?

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