Friday, June 17, 2011

And so it's time...

Today is the day...pretty much a day to mark in history. I am running in my first 5k...That is 3.1 miles, and I am nervous as hell.

At what point in my life have I ever been capable of running 3.1 miles? Never.
When have I ever imagined I might be able to sign up for a 5k? Never.

In other news....weight is still the same...fluctuates between 33-34 lbs lost. Hubby is going out of town for work next week, so it will be a busy week for me. Exercise is going to have to happen after the kids go to bed. I have also decided on 2 things.
1. I am not going to weigh myself at all next week. Possible not until July.
2. I am going to start drinking a ton of water. I know I don't drink enough. Most Americans don't. So that is one of my new goals.

I dunno how many people still actually read this from when I first started, but...if you are reading...I could use lots of positive vibes for my 5k :-)

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