Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm such a liar!

Ok so I said I wasn't going to weigh myself. And I still do plan on not weighing myself for a period of time. However after this weekend, I felt like I needed to see what my damage was. I had fried pickles and big juicy burger from Buffalo Wild Wings last night for dinner for cripes sake. So I just wanted to see, what I was working from. I figured on a "gain" (albeit, probably mostly water) of at least a couple of pounds.

And as always, when I am SURE I gained...turns out I actually lost.

I hit 35 lbs!!!! AND the best part is, I this weigh in was at the end of the day, so figure by morning I might be down another pound possibly. I might have hit 36. Geez, how the FRICK did that happen?!?!

Maybe it was the 5k race? Hehe. Speaking of which, the results were published in the Sunday Sports section. Was nice to see my name in there. For more 5k talk, see post below.

HAPPY end of weekend to ME!! WOOP!

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