Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I LOVE the 4th of July. Especially spending the 4th of July in one of my favorite places in the world, Crane Lake. It is like a second home to me. I vacationed there with my family as a child. I spent 6 summers living there when I was 16-21 years old. I met my husband there, and got married there.

But the 4th of July can also be filled with plenty of calories - ice cream, snacks, alcohol, and the delicious annual fish dry that my in laws do at their cabin. I was really hoping to simply not gain anything, but low and behold I managed to lose a little too! 1.8 lbs to be exact. My total is about 38.5 now.

ALMOST THERE! Soon I will hit 40 lbs, which will be way exciting. 40 lbs is what I lost in 2004 before my wedding. Then I stopped, and slowly started gaining back. This time, I am not stopping.

My goal is to hit 40 lbs within the next 2 weeks. Very, very do-able I think?! I hope! I always seem to get stuck right before big milestones like this, so we'll see.

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  1. Excellent job!!!! We should have drank more sex on the beaches!!!!