Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy, lovely Friday!

Fridays rock anyways, but this Friday brought a little something extra - I lost on the scale!!! It is only .5 lbs, but it makes me feel great because it has been SO long since I have lost anything. And to be honest, I was pretty certain I would not lose today because yesterday, I ate this (delicious) big cookie from Perkins. (So much for that willpower I was talking about the other day). The cookie was a big amazing round piece of amazingness, but it was 310 calories. *Cringe*
Then for supper I had pasta salad. Which isn't could be worse (I mean, at least there are veggies in it) but my body and carbs are not friends. My body hangs onto carbs like a fly on sticky tape!

On the plus side, I have managed to avoid pita chips at work this week. Those things are the spawn of the food-devil.

So we will just have to see what this weekend brings....Hopefully it brings weight loss and energy and good choices instead of a lack of willpower and mouth watering goodies. Not that I would ever give way.....ha.

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  1. Carbs are super good for you and your brain but it has to be the right kind. Whole grain not enriched. First ingredient.