Thursday, September 22, 2011

I got dis'

Still stuck, but feeling optimistic today. Weighed in and I am exactly level with my lowest point so far. I am hoping to keep it going down instead of back up, down up down.

I think I have gotten my willpower back - I even turned down free bagels and cream cheese the other day! Today for lunch I am having this amazing black bean veggie burger that is on the menu every other Friday at work....and I will NOT order fries with that.

The other piece to this is that I really need a little jolt in my exercise yesterday instead of the treadmill, I did hand weights and floor exercises. I have to say, I definitely see more muscle definition in my arms the last couple of months than I ever have before in my life. (Nothing manly or gross looking though, no worries haha). Tonight I am thinking of doing Wii Fit boxing...if you put your all into that, and have progressed high enough in ranking (so you are going against more and more skilled computer players), it can be a great workout for your upper body!

So this is my plan - keep the willpower, add in fresh exercise routines. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

1 comment:

  1. Do that Jillian inspired squat while punching. Engage the lower half of your body!!! Twice the work!!!