Thursday, September 15, 2011

Willpower? What's that?

Obviously I cannot even have ice cream in the house. Or tortilla chips, salsa and cheese. It is so GOOD! Even as I was thinking how this is SO not good for my diet, I continued eating the crap. My reasoning? "I WILL start fresh and be a kick-butt diet follower, but I need to get rid of the crap first. This will get rid of it quicker. I could throw it away, but...what a waste of money".

Yep. Still stuck. And this is one reason why. I haven't been eating totally crappy all the time like this, but I have given in a bit too often more than I should. I am all about having a treat now and then, or you will drive yourself insane. But I need to get back on track. Back to the basics. I need to remember why I started this journey and how far I've come and how great it feels to lose the pounds week after week. The problem isn't exercise, because I HAVE gotten back on track in that department lately. In fact I went on a run 4 times this week, and it has been feeling great. My problem is diet. It definitely needs some tweaking!

I still haven't really gained anything significant (just the same couple of pounds that I go up and down all the time) but I haven't lost in a LONG time. Maybe 6 weeks? I will have to check to see for sure, but it feels like forever. I'm sick of it. I'm ready to get the scale moving again.

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