Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

What a week it has been. My husband was out of town for work, I started training for a new job, and I still had kids and working out and a class in Grad School to juggle. I did it though - YAY!

Now I am so glad Friday is here, and apparently Friday is glad to see me, too. I weighed in this morning thinking I may have fluctuated up a little, because I got a really good workout (run) in last night and sometimes I see myself gain a little right after that. Not "real" weight, but like my body holding on to water weight or something.

Low and behold...I LOST. I lost TWO POUNDS!!!! I haven't seen a loss like this in one week since..last summer probably! It feels SO great to be back on track. I did have a really good week, diet wise, and I have also been doing work weights lately along with a bit more variety in work outs. For example, Wednesday night I did 30 day shred (and I put my all into it). So it looks like, for once, my hard work paid off. It's about damn time.

This brings my total to 48....obviously I am super exited to get to the big FIVE OH.
I am also now about 7 lbs away from what I was when I got married. WOOP!

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