Sunday, March 18, 2012

Get Lucky 7k, weekend will power, and pics!

This weekend I participated in a "Get Lucky" 7k on St. Patty's day. Turns out it is the largest timed 7k in the world, and the largest timed road race in Minnesota! It was SO fun. My goal was to be under 50 minutes, but I unfortunately did not make that. There were some large hills that helped to mess with my time and I came in at 52:26. I am not super thrilled about it, but I am okay with it, if that makes sense. In any case, it was super fun and I am glad I did it for SURE! Every time I finish a race, I fight back tears because it feels so good!

I am also proud to say that I stayed on track with my eating this weekend! I did indulge in a glass of wine, and a delicious bagel from Panera, so it's not like I ate perfectly, but I kept within my calorie budget and made mostly good decisions...such as turning down a cupcake, or turning down 5 Guys burger and fries. It smelled great but when I looked and saw that one small burger is almost 500 calories, and the fries just as bad, I couldn't do it! I am at 48 lbs lost - so close to 50. I decided that it wasn't worth it. I had some seasoned (not fried or breaded) shrimp instead and saved myself hundreds of calories.

After a weekend of eating decently, increased regular daily activity (compared to sitting at a desk all day on week days) and running a 4.35 mile race, I am hoping that my weigh in tomorrow is a positive one. Okay, I don't just hope it's positive, I hope I hit 50 lbs. I will of course post it here if I do. Fingers crossed. I do feel positive about it, but the Wii Fit scale will be the judge :-)

I leave you with some pics...

First is the picture from my work badge, taken in April 2009. It is blurry since its a cell phone pic of my badge, but you get the picture. Next to it, a picture of me from a few weeks ago.

Next, is my husband (he has lost 90 lbs!) and me before our 7k:

Here is me after the 7k:

Here is my medal!


  1. wow woman. i never noticed your face was like that before. i hope you take that the right way. :P

    i loved how you said "positive one" to mean that it would be a good weigh in, but it also can literally mean +1. it made me laugh out loud! :P:P

    wow. andy makes me want to cry!! you guys are amazing! did you guys happen to sign up for the biggest loser thing? they donate food for every pound or something? lol. i know it probably costs money though :P

    id like to do a 5k with you guys sometime. or something. in the C25K today im jogging 5 minutes brisk walk 3 jog 5... its not nearly as hard as i thought :P

  2. PS: wheres the before and after pics of andy?!?!