Monday, March 19, 2012


As I had a feeling I would, I hit my 50 lb mark. Actually, I kind of skipped the 50 lb mark and skipped right on to 51 lbs in stead!! Holy shit.

And this is after a weekend!! I am SO proud of making it on a Monday because weekends are always a struggle, particularly weekends where we travel (which we did this weekend). So yeah, I am pretty much thrilled. Holy shit am I thrilled!

I had a comment on my last entry regarding the "before" work badge pic I posted. They said they had no idea my face looked like that before and that they didn't mean that in a bad way.
But it's funny...honestly, I don't think I had any idea either! Once again...Holy shit! What a difference!

A little update on my current stats:
Weight: 176
BMI: 28.26 (roughly - I forgot now what it was exactly on the Wii Fit but it is close to that).

At this point, I want to see how I look and feel after another 26 lbs lost (150 lbs). I am 5'6" and my apparent preferred range is 120-160 so that would put me in the upper-middle. I might decide to go for another 10 lbs at that point, but then I can't see myself wanting to be any less than 140. That would be right in the middle of the range. I guess I will have to wait and see...I've never weighed 150 in my adult life so...who knows.

So wow. Holy shit! And um, sorry about all the swearing. I am just so dang excited!!!

"Success doesn't go to you - you go to it".
- Marva Collins

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