Thursday, April 12, 2012

My favorite foods

Sometimes I get asked what I eat, so here is a general summary of some of my favorites!
To be honest, during the week I generally end up just having coffee and sometimes a granola bar in the morning. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to skip breakfast, but I find my time too limited to make anything. But that is where granola bars come in handy. On the weekends, I eat whatever for breakfast - often times it includes eggs.

For lunch, I eat a lot of salad, veggies and fruits. My favorite veggie is Green Giant green beans with almonds, or baby carrots. My favorite fruit lately has been grapefruit. They are so delicious, and so big, but so good for you!! I tend not to eat many carbs for lunch, at least on week days.

For dinners on the weekdays, I try to eat things like shrimp or chicken. If we have something like Spaghetti, I find it hard to resist, but we use whole wheat noodles and I try to keep in mind portion control and add some kind of veggie to my meal as well. I am also a huge fan of Subway....Whole wheat bread with lots of veggies, half the turkey as usual, no cheese no sauce. Someone commented it seems that would be too dry, but it's really not. I love it!

For snacks I like fruits and veggies. I stay away from chips, candy and other sweets.

On the weekends, I allow some cheating and especially on days when I am doing a long training run. I don't rule anything out on weekends, really. I try to pick one day or the other instead of the WHOLE weekend for a cheat-fest, but I definitely allow for cheating one way or the other. I don't think I would be successful if I was strict on myself 24/7.

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  1. ive been eating a veggie sandwich at home; tomato, cucumber, lettuce/spinach, sprouts, sunflower seeds, just enough mayo to give a very thin layer on one side, and a slice of cheese. ideally, id like to get rid of the cheese myself. i forgot the cheese once, and it wasnt bad.
    people dont realize how much liquid is in cucumbers and tomatoes. put more of those on and you wont complain about a dry sandwich!!