Monday, April 2, 2012

Women Rock!

Apparently having one half marathon to train for (my first, no less) is not enough for me. I decided to sign up for another half marathon, this one in September. This one is the Women Rock, for women only. Should be a fun time! What is really cool about it is that I will already have one half marathon down, so I will have a personal time to beat!

I think we have decided to skip on the Vegas 5k. As fun as I think it would be, it would be on our first morning waking up there. I am sure we won't feel like getting up at 6 am to get ready for a race. We aren't there very long, only a few days...maybe if we were there for a week or something I guess. I am not sure if I mentioned this but I did sign up for a 5k at the end of July. I signed up with a friend who will be doing a 5k for the first time, so I am excited to help spread the love of running. Hopefully!

So as of now my race schedule is: Half Marathon in June, 5k in July, Half Marathon in September. Also, we have not signed up and we shall see how it goes, but the Gobble Gallup we did last year on Thanksgiving was pretty fun. I would do that again, but it depends on what our plans end up being for Thanksgiving obviously.

Finally, a quick weekend progress report....weekends are still a struggle and it sure isn't easy when there is delicious home made salsa and butterscotch chip brownies around. And wine. And I admit, I did indulge more than I should have on Saturday. On the plus side, I also ran 5.25 miles on Saturday! That is the most I have ran ever, and I am quite excited about it. Next weekend I hope to do a 6 miler. Anyhow, overall I managed to stay exactly even in weight after this weekend. Not a loss like I would prefer, but I am thankful I didn't gain!

Then you've got people like my dad, who can eat large quantities, and eat plenty of "treats", and not gain anything. WTF? Seriously?! That's a subject for another blog entry though...

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