Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ok so I can't think of any clever blog titles. But "Yay!" sums it up pretty nicely I think!
I lost a little more, bringing my total to 54 lbs. Awesome!
My BMI was 27.81 - first time in the 27's. Awesome!
Only 5 more lbs, and I will be in the 160's. AWESOME!!!!!!!
I haven't been in the 160's since just about high school, I think. 12 years ago.
Just awesome, awesome, awesome awesome!!

Equally as awesome is my training runs the past week. Over the weekend I was scheduled for a 4-miler, but I felt good and brave enough to bring that up to 5.25 miles - which is my longest run to date. I could have gone farther, but I had to go to the bathroom! (Just being honest!)
Then earlier this week I headed out to the lake walk on a gorgeous day for a scheduled 2.5 mile run. However I brought that up to 3.1 (so a 5k) and finished it in 35 minutes! (Pretty much 35 minutes even! I just don't have the exact time because I thought I pressed stop on my tracking app but didn't). That is 52 seconds faster than my previous best, which was an official 35:52 at the Gobble Gallup in November. I would love to get under 35 minutes, but first and foremost I just need to continue building my stamina.

This weekend I plan to try and get a 6 miler in. Of course I will let you know how that goes, assuming I survive it. HA!

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