Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7 mile report

The 7 mile run this weekend went well; better than I expected. It was the first long run I've done alone (except one that was on the treadmill and I watched a show on my iPad so that didn't count). Previously they have all been done in the company of my awesome hubby. I was nervous that I would have the mental willpower to go all the way or to not wimp out and take 20 breaks. But I did it!! I did 7.25 miles with my time being 1:24:XX. My average pace was 11:37. I stopped only once, and I didn't really need to - it was just easier to stop and finish wolfing down my energy bar around mile 4. I felt really good the whole time, and I haven't been sore since. I remember after I finished my first 5k race...I was SO sore afterwards. Climbing a flight of stairs was awful! I am thinking partially that was due to rarely training outdoors beforehand, but still. To think that I once could barely jog slowly for 20 seconds, and now I can run (not super fast, but run nonetheless) over 7 miles and feel fine, is CRAZY.

Random story, the other day I was on the Lake Walk, going along, sweating like a pig, and probably breathing fairly pronounced, and I passed a woman with a small 3-ish year old. I heard the 3 year old say, Momma whats she doing? And the mom said...."That's a runner! She is running, and running is hard work!"
I got called a "runner"? I mean I realize I've been running....but let's face it, simply wearing a swimsuit does not make one a swimsuit model. So needless to say, that pretty much made my day!

So now it's Tuesday. Ready to tackle the rest of this busy week. I've got an Anatomy/Physiology final to study for, work plus 9 hours of overtime to fit in, I'm in the process of selling a bazillion baby items so trying to keep up on emails and requests related to that, plus running of course.... Unfortunately it is forecast to be raining today. A lot. With storms. So I might end up doing my 4 miles on the treadmill. Boooo :-( The good news is, I discovered the joy of watching shows on my iPad while I do it, which really helps time go by faster!

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