Friday, May 4, 2012

One week!!

So first I have to start off with something completely non-weight loss or fitness related.
I'm going to Vegas one week from today! OMG I can't wait for a little vacation!!!
There, now that I have that out of the way. Sorry - I am just ridiculously excited. I am excited for sun, excited to get away with my hubby, excited to see a show, see the people, fly on a plane, sleep in if I want, nap if I want, dress up for a fancy dinner, hug a palm tree, not have 2 little kids screaming in my ear all the's going to be phenomenal!

Anywho. It was another successful week. I think I have found a groove! Or perhaps my body is making up for being stuck for 6 months over the winter. Or both. I guess obviously it doesn't hurt that I'm training for a half marathon. All I know is, I lost another 3+ lbs putting my total at 65.2! Boooooy-effing-yaaaaah!!!!Hellzyeah!

So here are some at-a-glance stats:
Start size: 22
Current size: 12

Start weight: 227
Current weight: 161

Start BMI; Oops I can't remember but it was 36 - point - something, I think. I will have to check on that.
Current BMI: 26.01

Start fitness level: Lazy and tired and exhausted, huffed and puffed a little even after one flight of stairs
Current fitness level: This weekend tackling an 8+ mile run, average page generally about 11:30.
 Half Marathon coming up in six weeks!

I have a specific goal in mind for the next week, and that is I would like to lose 2 lbs, putting myself at 159 for our trip to Vegas. I cannot remember when I was last in the 150's. Honestly, it may have been sometime in early Junior High (and at that point in my life, I wasn't done growing and 150's was not a good thing).
The following week I would like to lose 2 lbs as well, because that would put me at a total of 70.

SEVENTY lbs lost is in sights? Holy crap. I am not sure I honestly ever thought I would make it this far. And it has taken long enough considering I started 17 months ago.

I hope to hit those mini goals listed above, and I will work hard to get there. I will just stick with whats been working as of late - I allow myself some freedom during the weekend (chinese? pizza? YESPLEASE!) During the week I have been eating somewhat low carb...lots of things like grapefruit, shrimp, chicken salads, green beans w/almonds, cottage cheese etc). I make sure to run all of my scheduled training runs (4 miles twice a week and a long run on weekends).

Heck, I HAVE to run my scheduled training runs if I don't want to keel over during the half marathon. Or....ew.....get picked up by the slow bus. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It happens. But I am putting so much into training for this thing, to get picked up by the slow bus would SUCK.

So. No bus for me.

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